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The Good Guys Agency 

Better Kids for a Better World

Kids need better role models, and in The Good Guys Agency series, friends Lucky, Rudy, and Red take matters into their own hands! Time travel adventures, historic heroes, comic book panels, laughs, jokes, and more deliver a winning combination of fun, education, and values to inspire a new generation of honorable kids.


Our Story

As a school teacher I was able to see first hand how difficult it is to grow up these days. From every direction kids are being told what to do, how to act, and who to be. As teachers, parents and friends of young people we simply want to make their experience a little easier. We develop roadmaps for kids; pre-determined paths that steer them clear of danger and towards a life of ease and happiness. But that's not how life is. Life is challenging, confusing, sometimes lonely, and never the way that we plan. So instead of providing them a roadmap, we can help them develop a compass. A compass made up of the things that really matter, that they can look to when they don't know their way. 

That is why I wrote The Good Guys Agency. Each coming adventure explores a different virtue or value that our kids can look towards. To help them, they learn from some of history's most inspirational heroes, each of whom struggled, learned and triumphed in their own unique way.


Join the Adventure!

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A warm tale that will have readers following the characters' worthy examples.


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