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Sweet Like Milton

It's another mission for the Good Guys Agency! Success can be sweet, but for the gang's friend Jalen, it's turned him bitter. Back in time the trio goes, this time to visit renowned entrepreneur Milton Hershey. Milton builds a chocolate empire, but his sweetest success isn't the business or even his chocolate. What's his secret? Can Jalen get a taste? And will Red get enough of chocolate? (Spoiler alert: probably not.) Find out in Sweet Like Milton Hershey!


Take a Peek Inside!

Why I Wrote This Book

One of the most difficult things for young people to navigate is not when they fail but when they succeed. We all react differently when things go well in our lives. What do we do with our popularity and success? Do we treat our friends well?  Do we bring them along for the ride? Do we create things for others? Milton Hershey built a world famous empire. He used his fortune and success to take care of those around him. He is a great example of how success is sweetest when it is shared. 

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