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I write these books with the future in mind. I write for a future that I want to see. Each story features idealistic characters who despite the adversity that they face choose to see the possibility of tomorrow. I hope that these characters and these stories can bring some joy and optimism into your daily life. 



Sweet Like Milton Hershey

April 18, 2022

It's another mission for the Good Guys Agency! Success can be sweet, but for the gang's friend Jalen, it's turned him bitter. Back in time the trio goes, this time to visit renowned entrepreneur Milton Hershey. Milton builds a chocolate empire, but his sweetest success isn't the business or even his chocolate. What's his secret? Can Jalen get a taste? And will Red get enough of chocolate? (Spoiler alert: probably not.)

Brave Like Jackie Robinson

November 2, 2022

The dynamic trio is back, and just in time! When it looks like their friend Marty is about to cave to peer pressure, Lucky, Rudy, and Red take another trip back in time for a courageous adventure with Jackie Robinson, the first Black baseball player to play Major League Baseball. It's rough going at first for Jackie, but he faces down prejudice with cool calm. Can Marty find courage of his own?


Kind Like Fred Rogers

August 2, 2022

Determined to better the world by inspiring boys like themselves, Lucky, Rudy, and Red team up to form the Good Guys Agency. It's not long before trouble at Fort Crumble next door sends the trio on their first back-in-time mission to visit Fred Rogers, the beloved television host. Will Fred get his show? Can they find the kindness needed to avert disaster at Fort Crumble? And will Red finally discover the ONE THING?

The Elephant in the Classroom

October 31, 2019

Like every teacher, Mr. Elephant aspires to inspire his students. However this pachyderm professor quickly realizes that inspiration comes at a price. Every day, Mr. Elephant and his eccentric colleagues live with the harsh realities of being educators. They experience overwhelming feelings of burnout and stress, changing educational landscapes, added responsibilities, and rascal students. Yet, these devoted professionals show up every day to serve a higher purpose.

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