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Nick is an award-winning teacher and author who believes that teachers and students are at their most powerful when they put purpose at the heart of the classroom.

Known as "Mr. E" to his students...and yes he knows that it sounds like the word "Mystery". His students (all of them) make it a point to tell him.  ​While that is an easy observation to make, finding one's purpose is not. Nick's work helps teachers and students find and protect their purpose in the classroom.

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My Story

Nick Esposito has 10+ years of experience in the service learning space, including time in both public and private schools.  He is an award winning teacher for bringing best practices of service learning into the classroom.  


Nick has travelled around the world serving with different organizations for different cultures and peoples.  Through these experiences he has developed the belief that educational experiences must sharpen the mind and embrace the heart.


Nick has degrees from Villanova University (Journalism, Sociology, Peace & Justice), Johns Hopkins (Masters in Urban Education) and the University of Pennsylvania (Masters in Education Entrepreneurship). Nick currently works as an education senior consultant for Education Elements and serves school districts all over the country. 


Nick is the ecstatic husband of the love of his life and 'Habitat Crush', Cynthia.  He is also a long time hockey player, and Philadelphia sports fan.  He is the proud teacher of hundreds of students, all of whom are impacting the world in their own exciting, unique, yet quirky ways.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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