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Kind Like Fred

Determined to better the world by inspiring boys like themselves, Lucky, Rudy, and Red team up to form the Good Guys Agency. It's not long before trouble at Fort Crumble next door sends the trio on their first back-in-time mission to visit Fred Rogers, the beloved television host. Will Fred get his show? Can they find the kindness needed to avert disaster at Fort Crumble? And will Red finally discover the ONE THING? Find out in Kind Like Fred!


Take a Peek Inside!

Why I Wrote This Book

Once we decided to write a book series on a group of idealistic young kids who want to change the world we were left with one major question, "Where do we begin?" So I got a blank piece of paper and started brainstorming all of the qualities that I thought everybody could be regardless of who they are or where they are from. Not before long the page was completely filled up with qualities and story ideas. Then we had to decide which one of those words should go first. At the end of the day there was only one choice. No matter where you go, you should try to begin with kindness. Then came the listing of the potential heroes. And who better to talk about kindness than Mr. Rogers. 


We won an award!

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