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Author Visits

Writing children's books provides me with a unique and wonderful opportunity. Through each book I try to both educate and entertain. I hope that my books make kids laugh, think and learn something along the way. Author visits bring that experience to real life!


Edutainment? Is that a thing? I surely believe so. As teachers we have the opportunity to bring the world to life for our students. Everyday our kids meet the world and all of its wonders and challenges and everyday they someone to guide through it. 

Every Good Guys Agency adventure begins in the everyday lives of our characters. Through the normal pace of their day they encounter people who need their help. And the adventure begins:


STEP 1 - A collective itch or sense of DUTY compels them to answer the call.


STEP 2 - Next comes IMAGINATION. They transport themselves to new places to learn new things.


STEP 3 - Before they can act, the kids LEARN about a historical hero. 


STEP 4 - They take what they have learned and ACT.

Through each author visit, Nick entertains students by walking them through this evolution with the hopes for students to look out for one another, use their imagination, read, learn and most importantly act.



Every author visit concludes with the students taking the pledge and becoming an official Good Guys Agency Clubhouse!


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