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Play On Like Ludwig

The dynamic trio is back! When their friend Gordie is about to give up on math class (what is it with Xs and Ys, anyway?), Lucky, Rudy, and Red take another trip back in time—this time to meet Ludwig van Beethoven. After all, if anyone can help Gordie persevere, it's the man who composed his greatest music even after losing his hearing. Can Gordie find the perseverance to push through? Find out in Play On Like Ludwig van Beethoven!

Take a Peek Inside!

Why I Wrote This Book

Growing up is not always easy...and that's okay. Sometimes we think that we need to remove all of the impediments on the path of young people. Instead, we need to help them cope with loss and adversity so that they can become okay with not being okay. Set backs and knock downs aren't permanent. They help us learn, grow and live an authentic life. With help from our friends we are able to pursue our passions and when adversity strikes we will be able to play on. Beethoven had a difficult life. From his early days as a childhood prodigy to losing his hearing later in life he had to persevere and overcome on his way to greatness. 

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