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The Elephant in the Classroom

Mr. Elephant is an optimistic and well-intentioned teacher. He loves his students and loves his school. But like every teacher in the world, the struggles of daily life make things...challenging. Along with his colleagues he navigates the turbulent waters of school to make a difference in the lives of his students.


Author Visits

The Elephant in the Classroom is a great conversation starter for teachers and schools to discuss educator wellness. Nick often speaks with schools and conferences on this issue. 



It was important to Nick to illustrate the book himself. A metaphor for a teacher's pursuit for progress, Nick uses the book to learn how to bring his characters to life.


Nick's First Book

As Nick was finishing up another school year in the classroom he realized that he felt a lot like Charlie Brown. He believed that teachers needed a character that spoke to the teacher experience. A week later, Mr. Elephant was born. 

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