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Think Like
Katherine Johnson

Welcome to the fifth book in the Good Guys Agency series! Boys need better role models, and in the Good Guys Agency series―friends Lucky, Rudy, and Red―take matters into their own hands!


In volume five, we find our heroic pals tracking down legendary Katherine Johnson in order to find out what brain power really is and how to harness it as a superpower! Firing up the Kid Cruiser, the Good Guys Agency finds themselves back in time, learning how Katherine uses her brain as a living computer at NASA! Ms. Johnson teaches them all about the Apollo Space Missions and even let's them help out with the math that saves the day.

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Take a Peek Inside!

Why I Wrote This Book

When we are born we start by learning to how to keep ourselves alive. We learn to eat, breath and stay safe. Then as we get a little bit older we start having other thoughts. We start to like things and dislike things. We start to wonder about the world. That leads to the exciting stage of asking questions. We ask about all sorts of things. But somewhere along the way other things get in the way of thinking. What are our friends going to say? What do my parents want me to do? What will people think? And because of all of that we stop thinking for ourselves. This book meets Katherine Johnson who loved to use her brain to explore the universe. Yes, her brilliance helped the US win the race to the moon but she also used her brain to think for herself. She used it to navigate the turbulent, racist and sexist times of the 20th century. Her story is one that all students should hear as they learn to think for themselves again. 

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