• Nick Esposito

Episode 13 - Thrive Through Chaos

We are all perfect teachers when things are well...perfect. But what happens when we are not? Our happiness, health and purpose are all on the line every day. They are constantly threatened when the daily chaos heads our way. We just need to wait until the chaos dies down and we can get back to what matters. WRONG! Chaos is natural and will happen all of the time. It's not your fault it's just reality. Therefore we need to find ways to thrive in the face of chaos. Today, we use the book ANTIFRAGILE by Nassim Taleb to study the ways that we can move beyond resilient and become better. This is The Elephant in the Classroom.

Class Notes:

  1. Fragile teachers view any disturbance as backbreaking. We take everything personally. We jump from one strategy to another just to find something that works.

  2. We gain experience over time and learn how to defend ourselves against those disturbances. We gather a tremendous amount of materials and plan for every possible problem that may come our way. We become resilient.

  3. But the bigger and better you become the bigger your fall can be. Therefore we must move beyond resiliency and become antifragile. Antifragile is when you don't resist challenges but embrace them. You view adversity as opportunities for information and growth.

  4. Disturbances are good!

  5. Black Swan Events are things that happen that are 1.) Big 2.) Cause a tremendous amount of change and 3.) Truly unpredictable

  6. This means that we can't predict Black Swan Events. Which means that we can't predict every problem that looms in our lives. Therefore it is better to prepare ourselves to thrive when they arrive. Instead of spending our energy to prevent them from happening.

  7. Randomness is our friend. We often view randomness as a threat and think of all of the things that could go wrong. BUT within randomness also lies those splendid teaching moments that we live for.

  8. Mistakes are good.


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