• Nick Esposito

Episode 15 - Know When Enough is Enough

Every teacher has a purpose. But every day that purpose is threatened by stress and anxiety. Our career is a balancing act between purpose and those very real threats. During that struggle we must understand that there will be times when we have to admit that 'enough is enough'. We have to admit that there are times when we can't do everything. Today, we explore the invasion of Normandy during World War II. This vast undertaking was stressful to say the least. Success was vital for the fate of the world. Despite the grave stakes that everyone was facing, they had to admit that there was a point when enough was enough. They realized that perfect wasn't happening today. This is the Elephant in the Classroom!

Class Notes:

  1. When we start teaching we have a purpose. But as we teach, bites are taken out of our purpose.

  2. As teachers, we are asked to wear many hats.

  3. Therefore we must pay attention to our PIE OF OBLIGATION. We only have 100% of the pie. If we add something to the pie then we have to take something away. If we operate for an extended period of time at over 100% we will begin to experience burnout.

  4. We need to learn the Power of 'No'.

  5. We should choose what work to prioritize based off of what serves our philosophy of educations.

  6. Humility is different than humiliation.

  7. You only have one life to live. Meaning that sometimes the best thing you can do for your own wellbeing is to leave the classroom.


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