• Nick Esposito

Episode 14 - Taking Feedback Well

We all hate receiving feedback. We feel like any sort of criticism (even if it is constructive) is an attack on who we are as people. This means that we think of feedback as an attack and go into fight or flight mode. Instead we need to build purposeful humility. With humility we can open our ears to what people are actually trying to tell us. In those cases we can use their feedback and opinions to help us grow. Today, we meet up with Charles Schulz, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang. Often throughout the Peanuts Comic Strip, Charles Schulz listened to feedback to improve his stories. During this episode we will discuss the strategies and mindsets that are needed to receive feedback in a useful and healthy way. This is the Elephant in the Classroom!

Class Notes:

  1. No one likes receiving feedback.

  2. Teaching is very personal so we get defensive when people try to help us with feedback.

  3. It can be used to help us grow.

  4. Life is about the search and the rendering. Feedback helps us with that.

  5. Listen for more strategies on how to take feedback well!


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